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Flashing Ubuntu Touch to your Fairphone 2

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About Fairphone 2
The Fairphone 2 is the first modular smartphone designed by Fairphone, a Dutch company. Not only is the Fairphone 2 modular, it's also ethical, environmentally friendly and build to last. The components are designed in such a way that users can replace them themselves. This saves an enormous amount of waste and creates a longer lifespan for your device. Thanks to a strict code of conduct by the Fairphone 2 manufacturers, employees receive decent salaries and they work in safer environments. Fairphone is changing the way products are made.

Ubuntu Touch on Fairphone 2

Ubuntu Touch on the Fairphone 2: a perfect combination of a secure and open source OS on a sustainable and ethical device. So not only is the Fairphone 2 a modular device, it also guarantees the users' privacy with  Ubuntu Touch. No more Google services that extract your personal and private data! 

Ubuntu Touch is an open source software OS and offers a great alternative to Android. With a gentle swipe from the edge of your screen, you have access to all your apps, settings and tools. Ubuntu Touch keeps your Fairphone 2 secure, because everything unsafe is blocked by default and the OS is virtually free of viruses and other malware that can extract your private data.

To read more about the Fairphone 2 and the story behind this device, visit our Ubuntu Touch for Fairphone 2 project page.  

Fairphone 2: An Ethical Pioneer

Specifications Fairphone 2

2 GB LPDDR3 @931 MHz
32 GB
Main Camera8 MP 
Front Camera
2 MP
SoundDual microphones
3.5 mm stereo audio jack
Bluetooth 4.0
Display & Resolution
5 inch Full HD
1080 x 1920
Odoo text and image block 

What's working

  • AppArmor
  • Bluetooth
  • Boot
  • Camera
  • Cellular Radio
  • GPS
  • Graphics
  • Resume
  • Rotation
  • Sound
  • Touch
  • Wifi


Install Ubuntu Touch on your Fairphone 2

The new screen module shipping from the Fairphone store or on newly shipped handsets currently only works in the RC or Devel channels, which can be selected inside the installer.

The new camera module does not function under Ubuntu Touch yet.

Linux (Deb/Snap) 


Mac OSX 

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