We need you!

To make this project succeed we need everybody's support.

First by using Ubuntu Touch on your device! But after install your contribution is needed! Check out the different groups below. Pick one or more and give us that extra bit of momentum.


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UBports Project Focus Groups

UBports is organized into Focus Groups. This way you can find a group that matches your skill set and area of interest. Hit the Find out more button and find out what that group does and how to get started today.

Core Development & Infra

UBports' goal is to put Ubuntu Touch on as many devices as possible. As you can imagine, this takes lots of time and lines of code. If you want to contribute by programming or delivering code, then the Programming focus group is for you.
This group is split into four areas of expertise:
1. OS Development
2. Core app Development
3. Low Level Developers
4. Infrastructure, to keep everything UBports in the air!

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Language & Translation

UBports is a big (and quickly growing) community. That is why it is important to keep everyone up to date about community topics such as blogposts, social media posts, newsletters, Q&A's and so on. In addition, the technical folk in the Development focus group always need help translating the user interface components of Ubuntu Touch and its apps so that more and more people can experience Ubuntu Touch in their own language. If breaking down language barriers is something you enjoy...

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Documentation / Readme's

A project is only as good as its documentation. We always need better documentation from Users how to's to clearer code documentation. This group keeps track of what is needed where, helps out in writing so anyone boarding the project can do so, by simply start reading! Do you believe documentation is important and do you have fun writing documentation, or cross checking written documentation please help us out! Really, please do!

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Quality Assurance

Interested in Quality Management, Triage, analysis and verification of bug reports, while being in a close relationship with The Community Core? We need our stable images to be rock solid stable so an everyday user won't run into issues with our OS. Do you think this is vital and do you have the skills, let us know! Sign-up as an Alpha/Beta Tester today.

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Do have relevant experience within the field of Market Research, Research of User Experience and/or User Wishes, and are you able to implement your knowledge in our vibrant and ever evolving Online Community? Or do you have a love for content creation for our website or magazines? Then we need you on the Marketing Team.

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Graphic & UX design

Do you have experience with UX design, photography, creating and editing videos and graphics? You can use these important skills to help the UBports community. The way everything we do looks and feels is mission critical to our success. We are always looking for people who want to make things look better, more easy to use, simpler but with a destinc style! If you are interested in contributing click the button below ;-)

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Sponsors are primarily involved in the community through financial or material contributions. If desired, their names will be published on the Foundations’s website (when officialy joining the foundation). They also have the right to participate in general meetings. Although they do not have any voting rights, their voices are heard and appreciated.

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Associate Members

Associate members are natural persons and legal bodies/entities, who through their membership declare their support of the Foundation’s purposes and aims, while refraining from voting rights (when officialy joining the foundation) and the exertion of the active members’ right to participate in the general assemblies. Legal bodies choose a representative to exercise the remaining rights and duties.

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